The Braults – Christmas Card

The Braults

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! The Brault Family Christmas Card and Update was emailed this year. If you would like one, send a blank email to

Switching Mediums

10349083_748606118565872_5632271165182858912_n Pencil

10603809_751263084966842_1635547983581430107_n Pencil

10696212_748599528566531_3763330307941433395_n Prismacolor Marker and Colored Pencils

10406989_748541208572363_6237762103153809056_n Pencil

I spent a lot of time drawing today. I spend most days creating art, learning about art or drawing, but today needed to be just a drawing day. Although I would say I am a paper artist, ultimately I am a creator. I love being a paper artist and I don’t feel limited by it, but some days I need to put the X-ACTO down and grow as an artist by just drawing. Sometimes I even need a reminder that I can draw.

I am currently trying something new. Both new for me and something that, I don’t believe, has ever been done before. I won’t say what it is yet, but it can either be great or a failure. I’ve failed a lot, so failure isn’t what plagues me. It’s succeeding in this new venture that is weighing on me. Having to produce something for clients that may or may not work is scary. Art can have limitations but has no rules.

CTN Animation Expo – 2014

Britni Brault, James Baxter (, Nik Ranieri (
Rick Law, Adrienne Brown-Norman, Floyd Norman (Disney Legend –, Britni Brault, Jeff Nishinaka (
Tony Bancroft (, Tom Bancroft (, Andreas Deja (, Nik Ranieri (, Rick Farmiloe (
Britni Brault, Eric Goldberg (
Britni Brault, Ruben Aquino (
Two of my favorite people! Jackie Huang (, Jeff Nishinaka (, Britni Brault
Trevor Tamboline (, Nik Ranieri (, Britni Brault
Will Terrell (, Britni Brault, Rick Law (, David Derks (

Thank you to each of the artists/creatives, panelists, demonstrators, speakers, staff, volunteers and especially Tina Price. CTN Animation Expo is such an extraordinary event. It’s such a privilege to have access to those we revere most in this incredible industry.

Voice Actors

I highly recommend this documentary on voice actors and their craft. It’s now streaming on Netflix.”I Know That Voice” (2013)

Pictured below is myself and June Foray ( Ms. Foray is one-of-a-kind.


Van Eaton Galleries


Matthew, myself and Andreas Deja.


Myself and June Foray

What a fun event! Thank you @VanEatonGalleries. ‪#‎VanEatonGalleries #JuneForay‬ ‪#‎AndreasDeja‬ ‪#‎JustOneBite‬

When Good Toons Go Bad: Villains of Animation (Online Art Pre-Sale Now Available)

Online Art Pre-Sale Now Available. See you Saturday!

When Good Toons Go Bad: Villains of Animation Art Show & Sale

Saturday, November 15th Van Eaton Galleries is hosting “When Good Toons Go Bad: Villains of Animation Art Show & Sale.”

Over 100 artists, animators, designers and illustrators create one-of-a-kind original artwork with a VILLAINS OF ANIMATION Theme! Some amazing artists in the line-up include: Andreas Deja, Bob Elias, Bridget McCarty, Daniel Killen, Dave Avanzino, Dave Nimitz, David Bird, David Derks, Gris Grimly, James C Mulligan, Javier Soto, Ken Morgan, Rick Farmiloe, Steve Casino, Joseph Yakovetic, myself and many more.


Moo Business Cards


MOO Business Cards. Thank you, ! Lovely.