Haunted Mansion 45th Annviersary

Join me, and these guys, Saturday, August 16th at The Disney Gallery inside the Disneyland park. Many artists will be contributing work to celebrate The Haunted Mansion’s 45th anniversary. Can someone give the hitchhikers a ride to the event? They are dying to make it… ‪

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*This is just a flyer I created in Photoshop for the announcement. Actual paper artwork is just the sneak peek.


“You Have No Power Over Me”



Susanita’s Little Gallery’s 9th art exhibit starts soon. The gallery wanted a David Bowie themed piece with David Bowie somehow included in the work.

Growing up in the 80′s, I have this deep sense of pride. My childhood is filled with some of the greatest cult classic movies of all time. “Labyrinth” is one of them. I enjoyed watching all the behind-the-scenes of the movie on YouTube recently. There is no one like Jim Henson and I wish I could have been part of his creative team.

Below is a time-lapse video of “You Have No Power Over Me.”






Gallery Nucleus – Like a Rolling Stone: A Rock & Roll Reflection




Title: Stones-Let It Bleed
Medium: Paper

Gallery Nucleus -  Like a Rolling Stone: A Rock & Roll Reflection

February 22, 2014 – March 9, 2014
Feb 22, 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Exhibiting Artists Include

Andrew Robinson
Anthony T. W. Myers
Britni Brault
Cam Floyd
Dan Christofferson
David Mack
Edward Kinsella
Hermann Mejia
James Jirat Patradoon
Jeremy Enecio
Luke Chueh
Matthew Woodson
Megan Hughes
Mike Choi
Mindy Lee
Oliver Akuin
Pam Wishbow
Phil Noto
Richard Kirk
Robert Valley
Syd Bee
Tuna Bora
…among others to be announced soon!