D23 Expo 2015

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The Second Star to the Right

Captain Hook



by Britni Brault

My Mom is the worst, not the best, yes the latter.
She constantly nags me that something’s the matter.

“Make your bed. Brush your teeth. Brush your hair. Put on shoes!”
The shoes are the worst that’s the one that I lose.

I made breakfast for me—ice cream for my belly.
She threw it away and made eggs, toast and jelly.

My Mom is the worst, not the best, yes the latter.
She frequently tells me this-that is the matter!

I get dressed by myself, I know what to do.
Makeup and jewels, perfume and glue.
The bow goes right here, the toothpaste does too.
Mommy comes in, “Oh no, what did you do!!??”

My Mom is the worst, yes the worst, I get madder.
There’s no end in sight with whatevers that matter!!

She makes me do homework, reading and math.
Each night before bed I must first take a bath.

I feel kind of sick in my belly and off.
My fever is high and my throat is—cough-cough.

She brings me hot soup and popsicles too.
When I’m sick or I’m hurt she knows just what to do.

My Mom is the best, not the worst, yes the latter.
She patiently helps me when something’s the matter.

She kisses and holds me and says I love you each day.
I guess I was wrong, I don’t know what to say?

I’m sorry my Mom, it’s you who knows best.
There’s no better than you, you beat all the rest.

My Mom is the best, not the worst, yes the latter.
She kisses and hugs me whatever’s the matter!


(Based on a true story)
by Britni Brault

It was my first day of school today.
I was so excited to make new friends, read books and play.
Until the girl in the boots yelled at me
And told me I couldn’t climb the tree.

Recess started, my feet hit the floor.
A tree sat majestic, I couldn’t wait to explore.
As soon as I started up the limbs and got higher,
I heard a shrill voice like the school was on fire!
“Get down! Who are you?! That’s ours! No way!”
I got down, turned around and watched safely at bay.

She was pretty, stood confident, surrounded by friends.
Her shiny new boots didn’t need any mends.
She declared it their tree and climbed with each boot,
One after another her posse followed suit.

Her boots are blue, pink, yellow and green,
But it isn’t her shoes, it’s her mouth that was mean.
Maybe it is her boots that make her that way?
If they’re tight, pinch or sting, that would give anyone a bad day.
I don’t think it’s her boots.
I think she’s just mad,
Shouting bossy commands, making new kids sad.

After school I told my mommy about my whole day.
She suggested I pray and just stay away.
I’ll listen to my mommy and let that girl be—
Secretly hoping she falls out of the tree!THEGIRLINTHEBOOTS(Use)

Cats – Character Designs

Cat Mug

Character designs for a children’s book. Made in Photoshop. The criteria was a grumpy, fat cat with a fluffy tail.

The Shy Little Kitten

The Shy Little Kitten

 Gustaf Tenggren is one of my favorite visual development artists. Although no one can improve on his original designs for “The Shy Little Kitten”, it was fun to try. The Golden Books signature gold binding was my favorite to recreate. ‪#‎GustafTenggren‬ ‪#‎TheShyLittleKitten‬ ‪#‎aLittleGoldenBookClassic‬ ‪#‎Redone‬

Under the Sea

Embellished PrintThis all started with a silly character idea and a pencil portrait of The Little Mermaid’s director, John Musker. The creative process can be strange. Available at D23 in August at the Disney Dream Store. Embellished prints will also be available. #Ariel #TheLittleMermaid #D23 #DisneyPaperArtist #PaperAriel

John Musker

John Musker. Animator, Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter.

John Musker, Ron Clements